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Things To Consider When Grooming Your Dog There are times that you want to groom your dog on your own. But, you need to know that there are things that you should be considering. You should be looking into some considerations in order not to hurt your furry friend. Grooming your dog’s needs a lot of factors to look into and you will be knowing all about it in this article. In order to groom your dog people, you will be needing to have the right amount of equipment. You should consider having the right equipment just like what the professional use. There are equipment that are used for smooth coats and there are also some that are used for dogs with long coats. A slicker brush is what is needed for dogs that have long coats. Thus is the brush that will be able to remove tangles and avoid matting.
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You should use a bristle brush for both types if dogs. You have to use this brush in order to remove all of the foreign matters on your dog’s coat.
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In order to removes all of the tangles on your dog’s long coats, then it is a must use a pin brush. A stainless brush is the kind of brush that doesn’t rust. If you want a brush that will last for a long time, then you have to buy a stainless brush. You can choose different sizes for these brushes. Another equipment that you will be needing is a stainless steel scissor. If your dog is moving a lot, make sure that you get a scissor that has a safety tip. Dogs clippers are also needed for you to be able to get the exact length that you ant. In order to trim the nail of your dog, a good pair of clippers is what yu will be needing. The cheap ones are easy to break. You should take notice of the nail coloring of your dog. If the color of the nail is pink, that is what is called as the live one. Make sure that you will not cut on that part so that you will prevent bleeding. If you have dogs with smooth coats, you have to use rubber ad bristle brushes. The brushing that you should do should be against the grain of the coat. For coats that have foreign matters on it, you can use the rubber brush. In order to remove the finer material on the coat, you can use the fine brush. The use of chamois can be utilized in order to provide a shinier coat. If you have a dog with a long coat, you should know that it takes more growing days. In order to prevent tangling, you should be using the slicker brush. Foe a deeper penetration, you should be using a pin brush. There will be tangled hair ion your dog legs, make sure you tend to that.