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Different variations from the JHR assortment are Comstock, San Quentin fashion, Mount Meg, and Stato, each title in reference to the jail that it was began at. As it gained popularity and exposure within the early 70’s, Jail Home Rock seems to have first confirmed up in the media in an article on Martial Arts in prison called, “KARATE IN PRISON: Menace, or Technique of Religious Survival?,” in Black Belt Journal from July, 1974.

As talked about above, fifty two Blocks, additionally called “52 Hand Blocks” and “The 52’s”, is an element of a bigger collection of fighting types referred to as “JHR”, or “Jailhouse Rock.” fifty two Blocks and their variants are just like the martial arts of capoeira and savate, each of which had been combating techniques associated with city prison subcultures, which underwent a gradual technique of codification before becoming established as martial arts accessible by the mainstream.

Their donation makes a big contribution to strengthening our assortment, each by introducing the work of Molly Lamb and Mary Pratt—artists who were not as yet represented in the assortment—and in complementing works by artists who are touchstones within the collection and within the Gallery’s gathering history, including AY Jackson, Robert Pilot, and Christopher Pratt.

As a result of now we have very limited resources for the acquisition of artworks, the Gallery depends on donations, of each acquisitions funds and artworks, to expand the collection, an activity that drastically enhances our capability to foster an appreciation and understanding of the visual arts within the Dalhousie College neighborhood, and to be a resource for our native and regional communities.