Pastor Chris Oyakhilome in Haven Convention 2017

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has been in the service of spreading the gospel for over two decades. Pastor Chris started his ministry in Nigeria where it has spread to many parts of the world. Pastor Christ Oyakhilome was born fifty-six years ago in Nigeria. He is the son of the late Apostle Tim Oyakhilome who was a leader in Assemblies of God, Nigeria. Pastor Chris learned spiritual guidelines and philanthropist character from his father at an early age. After completing his secondary education, he joined Church of God International where he followed the footsteps of his late Archbishop Benson Idahosa. He joined Benson Idahosa University where he graduated with a degree in Divinity.

Pastor Chris is the sole founder of Christ Embassy Inc.(Believers’ Love World) and a healing school. Pastor Chris has been supporting needy and orphans through his ministry. Inner city mission project is an orphan initiative run by Pastor Chris to sustain and improve the living standard of orphans in various part of the world. The Christ Embassy started as a prayer group in 1990 but has grown to an international mega church with members in UK, Nigeria, USA, Zimbabwe and many other parts of the world. It has a headquarter in Pastor Chris Oyakhilome home town of Lagos. The ministry runs the 24-hour Christian channels and other 3 TV channels which are Love world TV, Love world SAT, and Love world plus. It has a publishing company known as Love World Publications which prints and publishes pastor’s book “Rhapsody of Realities” every month. Since the first publication of the book, there are millions of copies which have been sold over the years. Chris Oyakhilome uses his social media pages to spread the word of God where he has millions of followers on Facebook and Twitter.

The 2017 Haven Convention with Pastor Chris was a remarkable service which attracted many people in all corners of the world. The congregation met in Lagos, Nigeria at the Love World Conference Centre. The main agenda was special ministrations, Worship and spreading the gospel to many more people globally. The attendants listened to pastor’s sessions and teachings carefully throughout the meeting. The convention were successful where many people from different nations turned their live to Christ.

In May 21st, 2017 both TV Evangelists Pastor Benny Hinn and his colleague Pastor Chris launched a new TV channel in the USA which will be broadcasting religious doctrines and summons. The channel will help the pastor to spread the word of God with an ease and to reach too many people through daily summons. The pastor expressed his happiness and glorifying God by saying the year 2017 is the year of flourishing and the month of May will be of meditation.

Both pastors have been in the ministry of spreading the gospel for decades. By advancement of technology, has made it possible for these two pastors to spread the word to many regions where they have never visited physically. The TV channel will be hosting religious … Read More

An introduction to the giclee printing process

If you are an artist selling reproductions of your original art, the term ‘giclee’ is probably familiar to you; however, apart from ordering a giclee, many people do not know much about the printing process. To get the most out of your order, having a better understanding of how it works can be very valuable.

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The hint is in the name

Giclée, with the accent above the first ‘e’, comes from the French for ‘to spray or to squirt’. For this reason, you may well hear it pronounced with a French accent, such as “jhee-clay”; however, as modern giclee printing programs have dropped the accent, do not feel obliged to over-pronounce.

Giclee is a standard of inkjet printing, but not all inkjet printers can produce a giclee print. The primary characteristic of a giclee print is its exceptionally high quality; the second is its longevity. As these can be difficult to quantify, three basic criteria are considered essential to giclee printing.

High document resolution

A resolution of no less than 300 dots per inch (DPI) needs to be obtainable for a photo or artwork to be reproduced as a giclee print. In short, the camera or scanner used must be of a large enough format or great enough resolution to allow the printer to produce 300 DPI. Professional fine art giclee printing services from specialists such as will ensure your work is captured in the highest possible resolution.

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Archival quality paper

The longevity quality of a giclee is only obtained when 300 DPI is used on archival quality paper. Most professional printer papers will state if they are archival quality on the packaging. Look for the words ‘acid free’ and ‘100 per cent cotton’. A rag base paper can also be archival.

The printer

The printer used to create a giclee is a large format model that uses pigment-based inks and holds eight to 12 colour cartridges compared with the four in a normal printer. The number of different colours is vitally important for accurate image reproduction.

Giclee printing is a great way to produce ‘on-demand’ artwork reproductions. As the process is completely digital, artists and photographers can do away with the time and cost associated with traditional screen printing. Ultimately, this means lower-cost prints reaching a much wider audience.… Read More

Chris Oyakhilome & the Religion Channel

Who is Pastor Chris Oyakhilome? He is said to be a Christian minister from Edo State Nigeria and is leading the Christ embassy mission. He is married to his wife Anita; with whom has two children, Sharon and Charlyn. Chris Oyakhilome is the founding President of Believer’s Loveworld Incorporated television channel. This channel is about religion in the United States.

This church practices in more than 50 countries but is focused mainly in America, South Africa, the United Kingdom, and Nigeria. They are Christian based, and focus on teachings from the Bible; as many other religions do. There have been many books printed, all of which are based on Faith, Prayers, Control of Thoughts, Control of the Tongue, etc. Of course, all were written by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome himself. Having a Christian based TV channel has stirred up some good feelings and thoughts as many America’s believe in some type of God. However, as American’s we know that morals and virtue have been thrown out the door as something we teach to our children at a young age.

The Loveworld channel is a place for anyone to come to learn better how to deal and cope with various challenges that we face in the world today. The Christ embassy is showcased on television to help bring Christ’s teachings to more parts of the world. It is taught that Christ loves all his children, and don’t want any of us to forget that He is there for us every step of the way. Pastor Chris wants all of us to remember that we are loves individuals and our lives all have purpose.

This channel was created so that people all around the world could hear from Chris and learn simple teachings each and every day. The best part is, is that we can watch these teachings from the comfort of our own homes by the simple click of a button. He has made it easy for all of us to take a few moments each day to learn something new about God and Christ. Whether or not his teachings are true is up to you.

Do you think it’s a good idea to have a channel on television solely revolved around religion? Statistics show that many families in America believe is some type of higher power, or a God. Making this television channel a success; families don’t have to wait until Sunday school to learn about the teachings of Christ anymore. We all simply have access to it from our homes; a true luxury for believes who simply can’t get enough religion.

If you are interested in Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and his channel and the Christian teachings, you can view his channel on TV, as well as visit his website online at,… Read More

Celebrity net worths 2017

Celebrity net worths 2017, How considerably funds is celebrity, richest men and women in the world, millionaire billionaire celebrities 2017, list. Fuck you money is an on the internet net worth calculator that assists men and women to analyze their New-networth free of charge of cost.  Some other successful hosts contain David Letterman ($400 million), Simon Cowell ($320 million), Dr. Phil ($200 million), Jay Leno ($150 million), Larry King ($150 million), Tyra Banks ($90 million), Regis Philbin ($90 million), and Ellen DeGeneres ($85 million). Kelsey Grammer is an American actor and producer with a net worth of $120 million. David Gallagher is an American actor and producer with a net worth of $185 million.

A lot of them in fact have someone, a secretary possibly, who will read your letter and determine if it has adequate merit to be study by the Celebrity. Sarah Jessica Parker is an American actress and producer with a net worth of $90 million. Johnny Depp is identified for starring in Tim Burton’s (director) films playing an eccentric major role as this is his robust suit and Tim knows it. There is no doubt that the overwhelming reputation of Johnny Depp will enhance, with this the quantity of hit movies he will star in, then with this the net worth will boost with a hopeful boost on this list in the upcoming years.

Just two generations right after his death, however, Musa’s world record net worth was diminished after is heirs had been not able to fend off civil war and invading conquerors. It is not effortless for any company collecting accurate and updated huge database of world’s all celebrity net worth information. When you analysis the Celebrity Net Worth of your favorite celebrity, you then recognize the possible they possess as human beings. Their net worths will definitely surprise you, as some celebs and athletes earn a lot much more then you could ever imagine, while others may be making use of pocket change to pay for their subsequent meal.

The third surviving son of England’s King Edward III, John of Gaunt was English King Richard II’s Regent and had a net worth equal to $110billion in today’s dollars due to the fact of extremely generous land grants. Franzen has also given numerous tv appearances, which consists of the very famous chat show, The Oprah Winfrey Show”, Charlie Rose”, and The Simpsons episode Moe’N’a Lisa”. The ruler of Hyderabad until the nation was invaded by India, Mir Osman Ali Khan, also recognized as The Nizam of Hyderabad, had a private collection of gold that was worth more than $100million and owned over $400million worth of jewels.

Fuck you income offers you listing of every single highest paid celebrity present and past. Then it cites CelebrityNetWorth’s decrease quantity, $400 million, and quotes Larry David denying he was worth even $500 million in an interview with Charlie Rose. Deneuve is an experienced actress, obtaining stared in motion pictures given that 1957 and nonetheless starring in films … Read More

Should Pineapple be Banned from Pizza?

Who would have thought that an old favourite menu item such as pizza could cause such controversy? Yet, that is exactly what the Hawaiian pizza has managed to achieve. Everyone has an opinion on toppings and it seems that opinions on Hawaiian pizza are splitting households up and down the country.

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Ham and pineapple may seem a delicious combination to some, however others are repulsed by the presence of the sweet, juicy flesh of pineapple on their savoury Italian dish.

The Politics of Pizza Toppings

Even the politicians became involved in the heated controversy. According to the BBC, Iceland’s president Gudni Thorlacius Johannesson (who is also a Professor of History) is not in favour of pineapple of pizza and is not afraid to say so. He believes that pizza ovens are not the place for pineapple and recently shared his views with some school children.

Of course, not everyone agrees with him. Pollsters were eager to report that around half of the population of Britain do like pineapple on their pizza, so it seems that it is here to stay!

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What Makes a Great Hawaiian Pizza?

The appeal of pizza is that you can make it in so many ways. You have a choice of thick or thin crust and can even select wholemeal dough. There are several different cheeses and, of course, an endless choice of toppings. Mushrooms and ham are by far the most popular, but pepperoni and peppers are not far behind. You can add just about anything you want according to your own taste.

You can also put in as much effort as you like. You can purchase a ready-prepared frozen pizza and all you have to do is throw it in the oven and wait for a few minutes. If you are into preparing your own food from scratch you can do that too, and prepare your own dough and tomato topping.

Cooking great pizza is a skilled task. The best way to do this is in a specially designed pizza oven such as those from, to create just the right combination of textures.

Pizza is always best served fresh and loses a lot of its appeal when it is cold or reheated. Freshly cooked pizza drizzled with some olive oil and served with a crisp salad is the best.… Read More