Chris Oyakhilome & the Religion Channel

Who is Pastor Chris Oyakhilome? He is said to be a Christian minister from Edo State Nigeria and is leading the Christ embassy mission. He is married to his wife Anita; with whom has two children, Sharon and Charlyn. Chris Oyakhilome is the founding President of Believer’s Loveworld Incorporated television channel. This channel is about religion in the United States.

This church practices in more than 50 countries but is focused mainly in America, South Africa, the United Kingdom, and Nigeria. They are Christian based, and focus on teachings from the Bible; as many other religions do. There have been many books printed, all of which are based on Faith, Prayers, Control of Thoughts, Control of the Tongue, etc. Of course, all were written by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome himself. Having a Christian based TV channel has stirred up some good feelings and thoughts as many America’s believe in some type of God. However, as American’s we know that morals and virtue have been thrown out the door as something we teach to our children at a young age.

The Loveworld channel is a place for anyone to come to learn better how to deal and cope with various challenges that we face in the world today. The Christ embassy is showcased on television to help bring Christ’s teachings to more parts of the world. It is taught that Christ loves all his children, and don’t want any of us to forget that He is there for us every step of the way. Pastor Chris wants all of us to remember that we are loves individuals and our lives all have purpose.

This channel was created so that people all around the world could hear from Chris and learn simple teachings each and every day. The best part is, is that we can watch these teachings from the comfort of our own homes by the simple click of a button. He has made it easy for all of us to take a few moments each day to learn something new about God and Christ. Whether or not his teachings are true is up to you.

Do you think it’s a good idea to have a channel on television solely revolved around religion? Statistics show that many families in America believe is some type of higher power, or a God. Making this television channel a success; families don’t have to wait until Sunday school to learn about the teachings of Christ anymore. We all simply have access to it from our homes; a true luxury for believes who simply can’t get enough religion.

If you are interested in Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and his channel and the Christian teachings, you can view his channel on TV, as well as visit his website online at,