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What Temperatures Works Best for What Wine? Wine requires a lot of information when it comes to the temperature in terms of storage and serving. This article should help you be able to serve red, white and sparkling wine in the best temperature in the best of their flavors. The biggest reason why wine is served at the best temperature is to ensure that they do not lose their aroma and taste. An ideal temperature unlocks the tastes and aroma of whine therefore making it very enjoyable to the person drinking. This is something most people do not consider yet it is not hard to work with. To begin with you need to know that the best temperature of serving sparkling wine is between forty to fifty degrees. Thinking of the bubbly be sure to put it in a freezer for one hour before the popping is done. The risky part about this is that it can possibly explode if kept for long in the freezer. The same results can be found in using a bucket of cold ice to keep the bottle of wine. There is a simple explanation to this. The ice cold temperature will ensure that the bubbles do not become foamy but rather remain very fine. One other important thing to remember is that after you have poured the first glass the rest of the open bottle needs to be kept in the ice until the whole wine is finished.
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Cold temperature of around fifty to sixty degrees is the best temperature to serve white wine and rose. One very important fact when it comes to white wine is you remembering to put it in a freezer immediately you buy it. There could be need to take the wine on the same day it is bought. The two options here include placing it in a freezer for about thirty minutes before taking it or placing it in a refrigerator for a number of hours before it is ready. The trick comes in when you have poured the first glasses and it is still being taken. Differently to sparkling wine you need to keep the bottle on the table and let it sweat while cooling on its own. The wine aroma will be changing slightly which is a good thing in this case.
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You can serve red wine between cool temperatures of sixty to seventy degrees. One big mistake that most people make with the serving of red wine is the assumption that it is best served at room temperature. The best way to go about this is by placing it in a refrigerator an hour before serving it. Quicker results are also common with people when red wine is in question. A freezer used for fifteen minutes can do the job just before serving it.